what are the core principles of seduction?

- be fun to be with
- have interesting conversations
- be high energy
- be healthy
- be confident
- being ok with any of her emotions


What are the core reasons why people fail with seduction?

- uninteresting conversations
- not being able to sustain tension
- insecurity
- poor body language
- not alpha enough / too gentle
- having nothing to contribute


What does it mean to sustain tension?

It means that the moment you start connecting with a woman, a tension
builds up... You need to be confortable with that intensity...

Need more on that one...


What does create instant connection?

When she realizes that you get her, that you see her..

That's too vague! Tell me more! How does she know that you get her?
What do you say when you get her?

You rephrase and deepen something she just said about herself

Like what?

If she says: I feel I am not getting everything I can from my life...

You answer with:

"what you are saying is that every single day of your life you feel
that there is a potential in you which is not fully expressed! You
know there is more and you know as well that this more is not
something that the world can give you... It's something that you can
trigger in you by taking action in ways you never took before... For
instance, think about this day, what would turn a normal day like this
one into a memorable unforgetable passionate experience? What is the
opportunity you are not yet taking advantage of?"

In other terms you express or rephrase what she deeply wants inside of

You talk about her emotions, feelings, desires in ways she never did

So, the trick is simple! To prove to her you get her, you talk about
her inner world in very precise ways!

That's something that gets her instantly attracted to you!

Why does that make her attracted to you!

Because by talking about her feelings and her inner world you create
connection, you give her attention, otis like painting a landscape in
ways that bring out the beauty by simply describing it.

A painting is simply a description of reality.

Now, why exactly does it create connection in her?

Why does it create attraction?

Because you give her energy, you give her validation?

And what does validation give her? Be more precise!

What is the exact dynamic that is triggered when you validate her?

She melts internally, she relaxes, she experiences comfort...

You talk to her instinctual nature!!!


And why does it work to speak to her instinctual nature? Because it
tames that part of her being!

What do you do with a cat on the street? You go to it's level, right?
You go down and speak in a way that creates comfort.

The cat could be afraid and run away!

This is when fears overcome attraction.

If the cat is hungry, you will seduce the cat by giving it some food.

So what is the food that any woman wants? What is she longing for?

She wants more energy! She wants to feel more life!

This increase of energy will happen the moment she establishes a
sexual connection with a man she us attracted to.

If the guy is insecure and can't hold the sexual tension build up, she
can't conect and there us no new energy trigger!

Describing her deepest desires and feelings is like plugging into her

It is activating the connectivity parts in her!

So she wants that increase of energy but she wants to feel safe too!

Safety is more important than the attraction.

No comfort = no sex

Why? Because if she gets hurt, she loses everything.

The first step is to establish sexual attraction.

The second step is to create comfort and connection.

In this step she develops a sense of emotional and physical safety
which give her the option to remove resistances or objections she
might have towards this connection with you.

Why does demonstration and triggering if sexual attraction come first?

Because sexual attraction is the driving force!

This is the fire that creates motion, literally her wanting to come
closer to you.

If she feels safe but senses no sexual attraction, there is safety but
no motion, no drive, the attraction force is missing.

So, comfort only will give you nothing.


So, next question:

how do you trigger sexual attraction in her?

What are the ingredients that will trigger a powerful sexual desire in


Why is dominance sexy?

Why is a woman instantly attracted to a man who expresses power?

It has to do with social status!

The man who has power will usually be leader of the tribe.

Women are programmer to be attracted to the leader of the tribe.

Take a group of monkeys!

Who eats first when there is a limited amount of food?

The ones who are the closest to the leader, right?

Who gets beaten? The one who has no protection or partnership with a
strong male!

Being closer to a strong male, and if possible the strongest, is a
survival instinct!

So dominance = leader = power = sexy

What else triggers sexual attraction?

This is it? This is it!

Appearance, looks, smile, eye contact, interesting conversations, all
these are satellite ingredients to the core one: power!


Next question:

case 1 - why didn't she take the sexual step with you?

- lack of safety - she enters in competition with a string woman and
doesn't want to take the risk of psychic retaliation...

Is that it or is the element concerning the need fit kids and the lack
of safety on that level a driving element too?

What was it exactly?

The attraction was there but a wall was raised!

What exactly was that wall?

Higiene? Looks? Cultural background? Familiarity?

I feel there is one key undermining element that triggered this wall!
What is it?

Travel means lack of commitment, lack of safety and eventually

Free sexual behaviors trigger the same response.

With that other guy, why was the attraction stronger?

Looks, age, no probable retaliation from other female competitors.

In an earlier situation though she went for that age range with a guy
who was not expressing better looks... Why?

She had no female competitors.

One more aspect... Synergy! The energies that sponsor us could already
see potential conflicting interests.

In other terms, no greenlight was given to us from the inner spheres.

People will say things like : it was not meant to be...

What does that mean?

It means that it was not aligned with the destiny line.

Now, what is the destiny line? It is an intelligent plan that drives
your own evolution.

Why was the destiny line to aligned with a sexual meeting between you
2? Because it would have been a distraction or side track.

This means that the deep merging if energies would have created an
inner conflict between 2 agendas that are not really a good match.

She is still in the committed romantic dream.

You are in the free connection model.

Those 2 models would have clashed and conflict would have arized.

She could be confused about that and no consciously know the real
reasons, but the spirit sponsoring your evolutions foresees the
challenge before it arises!

In other terms, it would have taken too much effort, processing and
energy to harmonize your 2 lines.

The other element concerning your sexual already being more strongly
polarized to another woman who was a better match played a significant
role too.

Overall though, you can relax and the awareness that everything
happened exactly the way it was supposed to.

In other terms, the real reason can be summarized by saying:

Everything happened exactly according to plan!

In other terms it's neither you or her that wrote this story, it is
the energy behind that di write this story exactly the way it happened.


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