Connect with those who value and energize you! - 5 min - VIDEO

Learn to say yes! - Be proactive! - 5 min - VIDEO

Learn to say no! - Strengthen your boundaries! - 5 min - VIDEO

Respect! - It is okay to disagree! - 5 min - VIDEO

You come first! - Give yourself the priority! - 5 min - VIDEO

How to be with a guy without losing myself - 5 min

I don't want to be so dependent on my boyfriend - 5 min

Don't have sex at a first date - 5 min

Key Safe-Dating strategies - Protect your body+emotion - 10 min

I can't stand seeing him talking with other girls - 5 min

He wants to go WAY further

STD Scare/ Stay or Completely Terminate Situation/ Need Help

How to recover from an abusive relationship and start dating

new love

Should I wait for him to change?

Should I put the pressure on or not?

He's obsessed with me and would do anything to keep me

I always do things for my husband first

I am tired of taking care of him, and getting promises

Get him to stop calling, emailing, and stopping by

Is this stalking?

She treats me like a stranger

I feel trapped in any relationship

He drinks and smokes!!!

Falsely accused of stalking, and booted out of theatre hall

it just occurred to me: category for bad date stories?

He started to make out with me. I pushed him away...

he always snaps on you

He wants to see me all the time, but I'm holding back

Ex ruined my self esteem

He shows up later and later every time

"Drunk" phone calls

Boundaries and personal space - SLIDES

Establish better boundaries for yourself

Protect your personal space

How to deal with a toxic friend

I can't say "no"

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