These are body work techniques that are aimed at expanding the energetic and emotional space.

Any form if massage, body work or healing can be done with this goal.

You can as well engage in various forms of erotic touch, dynamic breathing techniques, sensual touch that can all trigger this expansion of consciousness and deep energetic breakthroughs.

In a body activation session, you can use a vast variety of techniques including sensual touch, chakra touch, breathing techniques, etc.

Practices can be done as a couple while the activation happens for both partners at the same time.

This is the case for instance if you engage in fire breath practices in which both partners dynamically breath together to activate energetic flow and orgasmic flow .

Other sessions can be focused on a giver and a receiver.

In this case, one person is passive and receives for instance activation through sensual touch.

Many of these techniques can be practiced on one owns.

For instance you can press with one finger on your third eye and have another finger on the heart chakra.

You can as well engage in fire breath techniques by yourself.

You can as well practice soft sensual touch on your own body.

If you are in more erotic mood, you can as well use any of these techniques as self pleasure with the possibility to move all the way to erotic touch and sexual stimulation.

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