Body optimization - My own experience over this lat year - NOTE

2 major elements started manifesting in this last year.

the first one is the ongoing use of fresh herbs and super foods like spirulina, maca, etc.

The second one is the lowering of my calorie intake, which led to being in better shape and having higher energy!

I feel that my body easily sustains itself at an optimized place 90-95% optimization.

what could still raise my body's optimization score?

A bit more discipline with training or cutting even more on what animal products are left.

I still have a bit of yoghurt pr cheese and occasional rare fish or chicken when other options are not easily available.

It's all about fine tuning now.

And I can see an easy way to go further that requires very little effort.

What I noticed as well is that my level of internal discipline git higher in the last few months.

Food that are poor in nutrition, processed and most cooked foods appeal to me less and less.

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