Kama Yama

Kama is pleasure, sex or sexual energy.

Yama is discipline, control or mastery.

Kama Yama is Sexual Mastery or mastery of your sexual energy.

A simple direct way to invoke and strengthen vital sex in you is to use this mantra.

Here is Kama Yama is Sanskrit calligraphy:

You can use the calligraphy or Kama Yama mantra in many ways.

First you can learn the calligraphy in its Sanskrit form and write it as many times as you want.

Repeat this practice daily!

This mantra is a code!

It is a gateway!

When you use these words you invoke this specific quality in your life.

Your mind starts working on it.

Your thoughts and emotions get aligned with it.

It triggers the right meetings with the right people, guides you to find the right information.

In other terms it aligns your being with the Kama Yama stream.

Kama Yama is equivalent to Vital Sex.

But the Sanskrit words kama and yama trigger mind sets which go way back hundreds or thousands of years when these codes were designed in human consciousness.

Sanskrit is a powerful tool for invoking specific energies.

What you receive here is an initiation!

It is an invitation to tap into a whole new set of skills and possibilities.

In my experience it takes 1 to 3 months of daily practice to start unleashing the full power of this mantra.

After months of practice and invocation of this mantra, the powers associated with it get unleashed in your mind and in your life.

Another method is to use the words Kama Yama by saying them or pronouncing them internally.

You can focus on your third eye chakra, in the middle of your forehead and repeat them while holding your focus on that part of the body.

You can as well repeat them out loud in a rhythmic way.

You can create a melody or sing these words while taking a shower or jogging for instance.

Your spirit understands your intention and starts working on it as soon as you take that step.

This mantra is a call. It is a code aimed at unleashing a very specific stream of consciousness.

You can’t get it wrong!

Remember that as soon as you use it, you communicate with forces that are intelligent and conscious.

Think of intelligence not in a human like form but more as a network of spiritual or angelic energies that get triggered as soon as you activate them.

Kama Yama is one of many life powers I use and diving in these techniques is a profound and revealing exploration by itself.

Don’t underestimate the power of this technique.

It unleashes a whole new flow of energy as soon as you start using it.

It is like dialing in the source of cosmic sexual energy and aligning yourself with it.

This is a profound power! Use it wisely!

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