The closest approximation we interact with every day is the internet.

Online, one person can be an activator and send a signal, an email to 2 person at the same time.

These 2 persons will read the email and feel activated by it and by reading it at the same time, they actually create an anchor point for an energetic connection.

In fact, I believe that the internet is a physical manifestation of the galactic grid.

The internet is like a simulation of the galactic grid so that we can start functioning on that level.

I do believe that the next octave happens when we transfer all these internet dynamics into purely telepathic or energetic exchanges.

A person can be an expertise center, today that's a website.

Imagine that this person's mind can be tapped into by others through active telepathic and energetic exchanges.

I do believe that in a few hundred years, that's how we will function because we will have mastered way more of our energetic reality.

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