It is simple!

Because in so many ways, humankind is still at an infancy stage.

When new powers are given to humankind, these powers are often used in destructive ways.

These destructive or abusive impulses are part of our animal or instinctual nature.

But as a human race, our job is to tame these basic instincts.

Our job is not to behave like animals and be enslaved by impulses we don't control.

Our job is to use these instinctual energies that are part of our being and direct them like we can direct fire.

I am talking about the building blocks that create our minds and daily life, our desires, emotions, instincts.

Most of what we do on a daily base is instinctual driven or animal in nature.

The quest for food and pleasure, sexual gratification, power struggles, need for security.

All these natural impulses are present in animals as well, right?

That's where we came from in terms of consciousness.

The difference between an animal and a human being is the head, the reasoning ability and higher intuitive faculties.

We can summarize this as ability to abstract, create a model and function as an observer of our own life.

That's something an animal can't do!

A dog won't reason the pros and cons of barking or not.

It feels an impulse and just barks.

That's pure instinctual nature.

We can think before we act.

We can tame our instinctual nature and that by itself creates a fundamental difference between the animal and human realms.

So, back to galactic grid and our place in evolution.

Right now, we are still in the process of learning how to tame our instinctual nature.

Not doing bad but still quite a long way to go.

Once you understand this fundamental life target, everything speeds up.

Your job is to master your life!!!

It is to master your nature!!!

Everything you face in life is a test to see how good you are at this game!!!

If you look at life from that perspective, you realize as well that each power, opportunity, privilege you are given is a test!

Each challenge is a test!

It is a test to see if you are the slave of your instincts or if you are awake and can conquer basic animal impulses.

See how it works?

That's a model of creation and life I embrace!

Looking at life from that angle makes total sense to me!

What about you?

So, now we are given the internet.

What happens with internet?

Massive expansion of our own power, access to unlimited knowledge, communication and so much more.

What happen next?

Internet wars, security threats, conflicts, etc.

The basic destructive and abusive animal instincts are still there, projected in the new internet medium.

Look at the internet as a training ground for humankind.

Once we master that one and are able to use it in the most constructive way without blowing up each other or the planet, we pass the test.

Right now, that's just a simulation for something way bigger.

Tapping in the galactic grid will be a 100 to 1000 fold similar type of power expansion.

We will be given the next keys of our evolution when we are ready for it and we no longer represent a childish threat to the spaces that open up to us.

I believe humankind is being watched.

We have been watched, mentored, directed, inspired since the beginning of life.

Right now as always, we are being tested, trained, inspired!

I don't believe we are bad, messing up or missing the point.

The "mea culpa" model doesn't match my perception or life!

I think we are growing like a child.

That's a natural process and I think we are doing great!

Compared to some human like civilizations we are really advanced.

Compared to other way more advanced we are still in infancy.

Of course certain aspects of our human activity are still stacked in middle ages type of behaviors.

And that's ok!

But as a human race we mainly care for each other and do our best.

We are growing and expanding super fast now because we have been given new tools!

These tools speed up our consciousness and realizations.

Since the beginning of this year, I am feeling massive energetic support and harmonization.

And by what I see, it feels that many more people are touched by the same kind of impulses.

So, what can YOU do?

The answer is simple:

Optimize all aspects of your life!!!

That's it.

If you score at 60% on your level of body optimization and you are trapped in self destructive overeating patterns, that needs to be addressed before more power in unleashed.

Why? because more power activates the areas of conflict.

It brings them to the surface.

Don't give a gun to someone who is enraged!

If you are in deep conflict with someone else, more power activates that conflict.

More power energizes all aspects of your being including what doesn't work yet!

I believe that this is the exact process that did bring dictators down in the arab countries in the last 2 years.

Internet, more power, awareness, people wake up and destroy what no longer serves them.

It is a cleansing process, a removal of disturbances and blocked energies in humankind's energy field.

So, this cleansing, harmonization or optimization happens on many levels.

Unless you are a top executive or a government high official, in most cases, your direct sphere of influence is you, your family, friends, business, direct community.

Before you start influencing others, look first at your own life and check how you are doing with love, body, mind, money and spirit.

These are the 5 core areas that need harmonization and optimization.

For instance if you are sexually frustrated, your body is in a mess and you are in deep debt, it is hard for you to rise to the next evolution stages.

Take again this example: your body is in a mess.

What's your body?

That's your temple, your child, your responsibility!

You were given that body so that you can take care of it.

What do they say with recovery programs?

First learn how to take care of a plant, if the plant doesn't die, get a pet and if you can take care of a pet, then you're ready for a relationship.

If your body is in a mess, that means that you don't know how to take care of it.

I know you might have dozens of excuses to explain why your body is in a mess.

I am not saying that it is easy to take care of your body.

What I am saying is that if you do a lousy job at taking care of what is the closest to you, why would the universe give you even way more challenging responsibilities?

I believe that's EXACTLY the way it works.

Once the basics in your life are taken care off, you can expand and new spaces open up.

I say this again:

If your life is not optimized no one is blaming you.

I know it is tough and the battle to simple survival is sometimes fierce!


What I am saying is that both on an individual level and humankind level, we are given more power when we are ready for it!

Why would you be given a sports car if you keep crashing with your bicycle?

Why would you be given the keys to cosmic libraries when you are already overwhelmed by the internet's information overflow?

One step at a time!

That's where we are at as human race!

We are being watched and trained!

We are being guided and helped!

Respond fast!

Shift what needs to be shifted!

Think of the greater good and the vaster planetary agenda!

What is the role that YOU can play in this vast galactic awakening?

Think about it!

It all starts with mastering your own direct sphere!

Once you are done with that new targets will instantly appear!

But you can't cheat at that game!

Very simple evolutionary laws are in place that block you from getting the seal of approval as long as the basics are not taken care of.

Take responsibility for who you are and what you do.

Shift from victim role to master role and start right now taking proactive steps towards mastering your existence!

Once you are done with your life optimization, new incredible horizons will appear!

I know you will be blown away by what comes next!!!

Get ready!!!

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