I am exploring right now specific sexual activation techniques geared towards women.

Here is what you typically want from sexual activation:
  • pleasure
  • love
  • attention
  • expansion of sexual potential
  • penetrated by powerful energy
  • feel male energy
  • sexual power
  • emotional release
  • more alive
  • more connected
  • more energy
  • power
  • presence
  • mystical experience
  • bliss
  • consciousness expansion
  • orgasm
  • orgasmic wave
  • freedom
  • sexual freedom
  • fire
  • express your wild side
  • bring your fantasies to life
  • vitality
  • health
  • sensitivity
  • emotions
  • life force
  • healing
  • and more!
The core idea is that you want to feel more alive, vibrant, connected and you want the sexual juice to open new pathways of energy inside of you.

You want to experience freedom, energy freedom, the release of all tensions in your body and mind, that's emotional and energetic freedom.

This in fact seems to be the real target!

You want to get rid of what holds you back energetically and you want an energy input, it can be male or female to help you get there.

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