You have the biological, organic perspective on orgasms and then you have the energetics.

This means that instead of looking at orgasms from the physical perspective, you look at them from an energetic angle.

An orgasm is a multidimensional experience that touches the different levels of the body, energy, mind and spirit.

It is like looking at a landscape and trying to describe it.

You can describe it in so many ways depending on what you see or notice first.

You can look at the shades, the colors, the energy, the history, the sounds, the feelings associated with it, the life forms, the vegetation, the spirit and so on.

You can look at orgasms in similar ways!

They are multi layered experiences that impact on various aspects of your being.

Energetically, it feels like an orgasm is an energy input!

This means that something flows in your being that was not there before.

You know that an orgasm can be the exact birth of a new life.

As a man you can orgasm without ejaculation but they are often synchronized.

If the man and woman orgasm at the same time and this becomes the exact moment in which semen is released in the woman's vagina, a new life, a new human being is potentially created at this exact moment.

So, you can see the orgasm as the manifestation of this new life!

It is this new life, soul or spirit flowing through two beings at the same time.

In this magical alchemy, a new human being is created or has the potential to be created.

This is what the sexual act was designed to do in the first place!

Animals don't think of multiple orgasms, holding their semen, creating romantic context and all that.

They simply do it because it is instinctual!

This instinct is embedded in animal forms so that we procreate and the races we represent don't go extinct!

Orgasm is usually pleasure!

It is like nature designed this reward system to make sure we keep on doing it!

Again, very natural and ingenuous from the nature spirits!

Thank you for that!

Now, as evolved human beings we have expanded the space of sex.

It is no longer just procreation!

We use sex for pleasure, expansion of consciousness, emotional release, creating connection, expressing our love and so much more.

I do believe though that the original orgasmic impulse is still the same!

It is the birth of new life inside of us!

This life is a rush of energy in our systems that clears the way, creates space and freedom!

So an orgasm is a rush of energy!

You can

Yes, you van look at the biochemistry, the biology and neurology of an orgasm as well.

It is super useful and interesting to understand what science has to say about it.

You can however totally enjoy your orgasms, play with them, master them and have very little technical knowledge of how they exactly work in your body.

you don't need to understand the engine to drive a car.

But yeah it can ad a juicy dimension to the experience.

There is something to understand in this exploration as well!

It is the fact sometimes, mind frames and thoughts can block the experience!

For instance as an artist, you wok with the flow of energy!

If you mentalize your art too much, that can hold you back in the expression of your art.

With sex, it is the same, you can approach it with a max of intuitive flow and min knowledge to maximize the creative flow of your experience.

Knowledge and creative juice are not necessarily opposed!

As a man, for instance understanding of female sexual anatomy is a plus.

Discovering various types of female orgasm and getting a confirmation about them in a book is super useful.

Wjat comes first?

Is it first a physical reaction and everything else follows that?

Or is an orgasm first an energy activation that eventually echoes all the way to the physical body?

I believe that the experience itself is multilayered.

Instead of looking at it like starting on one of these levels and being transmitted to another level, for instance from physical to energetic, look at it like an experience that starts on all these levels at the same time.

You might ask where are the roots? Where is the real source?

Well, if you are good at it, you can for instance trigger an orgasm without any physical touch and the only trigger you use is your ability to play with your fantasies.

This means that your thoughts initiate this orgasmic flow.

But where do you thoughts start?

Maybe there was another trigger before that, which is the touch of an invisible energy, maybe a telepathic connection with a lover who is on the other side of the planet and just thought of you.


I feel that the orgasmic experience can start in many of these places or even in all these places at the same time.

Equally, you can have physical genital touch with absolutely no sexual association or desire.

That's what happens when your genitals are touched in a medical way o when you are being intimate with someone you are not attracted to.

You might be stressed up by other issues in your life and not feel turned on at all.

Or you might be with someone who simply turns you off even though they are touching you in the right place.

My point is that you can define orgasms in so many ways!

The mental or rational definition that you have for that experience will always be an approximation of reality.


Because our mental abilities create models and approximate descriptions of a reality which is much vaster.

That's the nature of our reasoning and logical mind.

If you want to have a fuller dimension, vision and understanding of what an orgasm is, tapping into the causal mind or higher intuition is the way to go.

That's tapping into knowledge by touch!

You see things as they are as you open your third eye and your intuitive abilities.

That's tapping into your higher mental plane in esoteric terminology.

So now that we covered these distinctions, my guess is that you still want to know about the science of orgasm, right?

What is actually going on physically

Let's check that

According to my friend wiki, from a physical point of view you have at least 26 definitions for orgasm.

This means that people studying the anatomy of orgasm don't fully agree.

the strict definition for orgasm is "rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure"

could be a bit limiting as there is prob so much more involved than a set of contractions!

you know, as far as I am concerned, it it not so much the definition that matters, it is more how to trigger it and play with it.

That's what really matters, right?

I notice as well that as soon as we start mentalizing and medicalizing (I know... Not real words) the orgasm, we tend to lose touch with the sensation, experience and intuitive flow.

It's interesting to play with these concepts but at the end, sex, orgasm, paly with these energies, sexual activation is more an art than a science.

That's what I feel.

You don't see a dancer thinking about their muscles and the anatomy of what they do while they do it.

they are focused on artistic expression.

This is why I feel that sexual activation is along the same line, much more and art form than a science!

This means that the intuitive drive behind it comes first!

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