If you feel like you are sex deprived, that you don't get enough of it or that it's not exciting enough, open up to the idea of adding direction to it.

I know, sex should be spontaneous, passionate and driven by romance only, right?

Is this what you think?

Let's see what happens if we challenge that belief!

Everything else might be privileged in your agenda!

Work, social events, gym, pick up the kids, free time, holidays and so on.

What if you would give scheduled time to your sex life!

What if you consciously plan with your partner?

Friday! 8-12pm! It's for us!!!

We will turn off cell phones, computers and any other distractions and make that time sacred for us!

I am not saying that you must do it, ok?

I am inviting you to consider the possibility.

Couples often plan it when they want to conceive, right?

They know that when it's ovulation time, they are right on it!

I see people neglecting their sex life because they prioritize everything else!

What happens if you prioritize sex?

You give it more power, importance and attention in your life!

I know, we are destroying a few taboos when we think that way!

If we believe that sex can be planned, it means as well that desire and pleasure can be scheduled!

Wild, right?

Not as much as you think, actually!

If you know the right foreplay techniques, you can trigger desire just like that!

Yes, you can make pleasure a priority and boost how much of it you get by sticking it in your weekly schedule!

Another taboo we are destroying is that somehow sex should be out if control, abandonment of your thinking abilities!

What if passion is in fact enhanced with some understanding!

What if passion can be tamed, activated, transmitted at will!

What if those who have a greater understanding of their juicy fire have actually more and better sex!

Do I have scientific proof of that?

What? now you want me to bring science into it?

No, I have no science to prove it!

That's unless you call intuition, experience and common sense, science.

My feeling is that today, maybe 10% of those who read this might try to implement it in their lives!

I believe that in a few years, this way of thinking might be main stream!

I mean that we will ad more power, direction and structure to our sex life!

Think about your sexual skills.

Think about a time you read an article about a new juicy sex technique to please your partner.

Remember the day you tried and had your excited partner stunned by what you did and thanking you for days!

Knowledge is power!

Sex skills can be learned!

Experience makes you good at it!

No! Sex is not something that just happens!

Your intuitive guidance is a powerful tool in your exploration!

What about all the sex info available online?

Does it make sex life better for millions of people in this planet?

Of course it does!

Imagine receiving oral sex from someone who has been trained to offer it!

Now imagine receiving it from someone who has no clue!

What do you think you prefer?

Do you prefer dancing salsa with someone who knows the steps or someone who doesn't?

Personally, I love the idea!

Yes! I love the idea of people empowering their sex life!

In fact I already implementing it for years!

Why do I lead VITAL SEX events?

To help people free their sexual energy!

To give them new skills!

To help them understand their desires!

To discover new pathways into wild pleasure!


Again, only a fraction of those who read this will respond to this invitation!

If you do, the awakening that will follow will blow your mind!

I hear each one of your possible objections and doubts!

I have simple answers to all of them!!!

Not of these objections are deal breakers!

They are simply related to subconscious fears to expand in new unknown realms!

Your fears are connected as well with all taboos associated with sex!

To be followed

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