I am experimenting a lot right now WITH how music impactS the energy of sessions.

The choice between what type of music and the option of no music at all is an exciting one!

The soundscapes shape your experience because they are consciousness gateways!

The fact that there is no audible music being played doesn't mean that the space is free from energy waves!

It simply means that the sounds and energies being played are not audible to our human ears!

So! Silence (Apparent silence!!!) is as precious as music!

Right now, I don't value one more than the other because I have seen how much a soundscape can shape such a profound experience in an activated tribe!

In my last burning man experiences, I often listened to the music closed eyes and geometric patterns start appearing.

I am substance free! This is not a psychedelic experience related with the use of any drug!

It is related with the fact that music and geometrical patterns are very similar.

One is an audible experience!

The other is a visual one!

Both have frames and structures.

For the music frames are rhythm.

For the geometrical patterns rhythms are the lines that delineate the shapes.

Colors are melodies.

See the similarities?

Where does music come from?

Who inspires musicians and djs?

I believe that music is a form of spiritual communication with the angelic realms.

It can be seen like a prayer, a transmission of energy!

It can be seen like a set of access codes into higher realms of consciousness!

In the last few months, this is how I have been consistently experiencing music, especially the electronic tunes I have been using in the VITAL SEX and VITAL TANTRA activations.

Some years ago, I was chatting with a good friend, a visionary artist!

As she described to me the process of creation of her art, I realized that her art pieces are these gateways of energy that take us to inner realities.

Visionary art is a language!

It is a form of communication with the invisible!

And I totally believe that this is how a lot of information is being downloaded from the spirit world into human consciousness.

I know that for most visionary artists or djs, what I am saying is common knowledge.

For me too now, this idea of paintings or music sets as consciousness gateways has become a solid reality!

That's how experience them now!

This means as well that I consciously use music, calligraphies or art to create the invisible tantric temple.

Music is a soundscape that aligns our thoughts, emotions and energy with a very specific impulse contained in the music.

It anchors the experience as well!

It is a vehicle for a certain experience!

The moment you hear this music again in the future, you bring back to reality a previous activation experience.

I love MAGIC!

This is the art of conscious communication with the inner worlds!

Come and play!

We are being guided!

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