A few possible directions emerge with BODY ACTIVATION

  • sensual activation
  • chakra activation
  • pressure point activation
  • body paint activation
  • sound activation
  • etc


Target can as well be SEXUAL ACTIVATION SESSION which means a stronger intention on consciously activating and using sexual energy


In the session itself, here are a few of the aspects or stages I use to give you an idea

  • Intro with feet contact
  • Chakra touch
  • Head area
  • Kind touch
  • Chakra tapping
  • Chakra circling massage 
  • Pressure touch
  • Heart area activation
  • Throat area activation
  • Solar plexus area activation
  • Third eye activation
  • Body paint with symbols and mantras
  • Singing mantras
  • Humming
  • Push air out and other dynamic breathing techniques
  • Orgasmic breathing
  • Push energetic blockages up energetically
  • Clean energy field
  • Etc

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