The body activation sessions over the last couple years have been spectacular.

It feels like huge potential and I feel that these tools are totally part of my stream.

They ad a new set of tools that can help people in direct and effective ways.

Here is what I want

  • I want cleat guidance with techniques and inspiration.
  • I want to understand targets and impact.
  • I want to get experience, be guided to the exact right training if needed
  • I want to have a clear overview of body work and how these body activation dynamics truly work.
  • I am ready to do what it takes to master and fully activate these skills further
  • I want to be given contexts and contacts to experience

It seems as well that both giving and receiving work really well so far.

Body activation is one more tool totally part of my VITAL TANTRA system.

Now on the body field, we have nutrition, training and body activation.

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