Free flow or guides movements are another powerful possible expansion of consciousness.

It can totally activate new energy flow in your system and can bring you to deep realizations.

Dance can be magic, an active communication with the invisible and harmonization of your energy body.

A persona experience for me a few months ago was the expansion in a whole new level of dance.

It was triggered with powerfully enhanced sensual sensations.

It was like a whole new inner world opened up.

These sensations of energetic awakening is exactly what we aim for because it expands your energy space and awareness.

You can dive into very precise movements, rhythm, activation, chakra activation, mantras, breathing and sound.


Lots of tools to use in the dance space.

The combination of all these elements together with vibrant context, music, community and sensuality can trigger a super clear energetic state vibrant with bliss that can open your inner vision to a whole new reality.

It is through this expansion of consciousness that we expand our being and consciously evolve as human beings.

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