Shadows can lead to self destruction.

This self destruction can be soft and incomplete and it can as well lead to total annihilation  of a life or even a nation.

This self destructive instinct is sometimes directed to oneself.

It can as well emerge within a group, family or even nation.

Let's the example of a couple.

You are on a date and your partner has a tantrum because some of her needs are not met.

It could be a small insignificant issue but that issue will trigger a fight that will ruin the evening.

In that case, the partner who blows it by starting a fight sees their personal needs as a priority even if this priority messes up the whole evening for everyone.

There are a few patterns there:
  • Lack of awareness of the impact
  • Lack of emotional skills
  • Urge to conquer and challenge
This urge to conquer is an urge to trigger energy by having a fight.

You might shift to battle mode just to feel alive!

The point here is that these self destructive impulses are everywhere and get often triggered when a shadow aspect kicks in.

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