Choose when, how, why you use a specific shadow power.

Take the example of manipulation.

It can be used to serve very positive forces in our evolution.

Manipulating a friend to eat healthy could get them back in shape or save them from jumping off a bridge.

Somehow, the word manipulation tends to be associated with selfish goals.

But manipulation is way vaster than that!

Gandhi manipulated the British empire to free India!

You see?

We bring back a certain dignity and respect to tools, powers, weapons that were originally useful in our human evolution.

Own your shadows!

Master them!

Rather than running away from them!

When and how to use a specific shadow aspect in you is up to you!

A good question to ask is:

"Is it serving human evolution?"

"If millions of people were doing what I am about to do, what would be the impact on the planet and humankind?"

It's a vast topic!

To be followed...

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