Some experiences from jan 2013...

Yesterday and the day before, after invoking now the energy of rajaya tantra, kamayama, prarochana and kali in their refined form for about 2 weeks now, it feels like the whole energy is entering into a new level of sustained and unified resonance.

It no longer feels like a peak or energy state i enter into but rather an established state that is the energy base for all social interactions.

It's juicy, flirty, fun, seductive, tantric and extremely connected.

The body activation aspect is totally part of it as I touch third eye, crown, heart and other chakras as I interact in free flow.

The energetic impact or response i get from the women and as well some men i interact with is seductive, playful and connective in whole new ways.

The flow is strongly established and sustained and a whole flow of social dynamics with activating attitudes, energetic responses and refreshing fun, teasing and flirty connections is now kicking in.

It gets more and mire refined and juicy by the day and is equivalent to the highest experiences I had in my life, bali last year, teenage times, etc.

Now it does go way further because the whole energy is way more grounded + the activation techniques are totally clearly defined.

Another element that just emerged is that this interactive state emerges as totally stable and sustainable.

This means that I don't need to retreat to my personal base and can keep playing and interacting in free flow without needing to retreat to my own space for extended periods of time.

Yesterday, i had at least 5 to 10 core lasting energetic resonance episodes most with women but a few with men as well.

I need a term to define that state.

  • unified resonance
  • social resonance
  • tantric resonance
  • energetic resonance
  • energy resonance

These are some options.

I like the term of energy resonance.

It's descriptive and clear

It's clear as well that the core activation of this energy resonance is a lot about vital sex, kamayama or sexual mastery.

But all the elements that are contained in my invocations rajaya tantra, kali, prarochana, kamayama all play a very specific part in creating this alchemy.


I just realized as well that in this energy resonance state, each person becomes part of this invisible energetic temple.

the energetic temple created in the himalayas with nature expands now in this form and each person is a pillar activating this energy resonance state.


This energy resonance kicked in as well connected with nature elements.

There is:

  • SUN
  • SEA

All these elements create a perfect alchemy but the energy resonance doesn't depend on this context.

Same kind of flow could be activated in all sorts of contexts and now that I know the codes, I know that this energy resonance could be activated anywhere!

The strong new element now is that it involves people in one of its expressions.

The other expression of merging with elemental forces is activated through the usual breathing, sound, movement and mantras techniques.


This trance state is a bliss state with enhanced awareness and clarity.

It is bliss, unity, yoga, tantra! all of that.

It is not a trance in the sense of the mind taken over by a spirit.

Trance = State of enhanced awareness = Awakened state = Darshana

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