For some people gossiping and talking about others when they are not around is just a way of life.

In fact it is one of the favorite past times in society.

Listen to what is really being said in conversations.

Check how often you talk about other people.

Are you saying the honest truth about them or are you offering a distorted reality of what you know about them.


Are nasty rumors or judgments being spread?

What is really being said.

Sometimes, it just a neutral story being shared.

"Hey, I heard he's dating that girl again"

That's neutral information.

"Hey, I really wonder what she finds in him! That guy is a loser and he's such a negative infleunce in her life"


That's hard core harsh judgement and it is really nasty!

Imagine what is being said about you behind your back by people you call your friends.

Imagine if you could actually witness all conversations all the time.

I bet some of it might blow your mind, hurtful or sometimes positive.

The question is "What are your behaviors around that?"

Are you a positive influence or are your words toxic?

Do you do to others what you hate being done to you?

I am not telling you what is right or wrong!

Gossip is a form of entertainment and it can be fun!

Simply bring awareness to what you do and own it!

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