In the love and sex area, sexual greed can as well be used as a weapon to get what you want.

For instance a woman might sexually deprive her partner from sex if he doesn't comply to her demands.

These battle techniques of emotional, live and sexual deprivation are used all the time.

They are mild forms of aggressiveness aimed at putting your opponent under pressure.

This is used constantly in families and relationships.

For instance, a parent might withdraw love from their child if they misbehave.

Love deprivation is a punishment.


This withdrawal and deprivation pattern is omnipresent in social settings too.

You might acknowledge or ignore specific individuals in your social circle.

You might be faced with a friend totally ignoring you, withdraw attention, energy and love from you.

These social dynamics are omnipresent shadow aspects of our social life.

You probably rarely think about them but they shape your social interactions.

Let's check some tactics to make it more specific.

If someone ignores you, you can:

  • Ignore them back
  • Force a connection
  • Ask for feed back from friends
  • Let it be
  • Stay untouched
  • Build up irritation and resentment
  • Etc.
You see?

You have dozens of ways to respond.

One of these tactics will be the best response.

There is power and perfection in any of these tactics.

See it?


Abandonment is another form of deprivation.

You can either abandon or be abandoned in love, family or friendships.

When that happens, it is again an egotistical, selfish or love greedy pattern that is projected on the one who is abandoned.

Mastering these dynamics means mastering them when you deprive or you are the one being deprived.


Being selfish or greedy often triggers guilt feelings.

A mother will feel like she has to sacrifice herself for her kids.

If she takes time for herself and goes out with friends, she might be judged for her choice or experience a sense of discomfort.


If we go to deprivation, the withdrawal of love or sex can lead to state of high when you are in this shadow mastery zone.

This means that if a lover deprives you and you take it in, accept it, emotionally rebel, go into rage mode, all that internally of course or expressed but without hurting yourself or anyone else.

If you go that way, it can create a massive energy release that brings you to an energetic trance that can feel like an energetic orgasmic state.

How does it work?

The human love deprivation creates personal energy gap and activating the fire brings in a whole new connection with your spirit of energy field.

This means that the spirit uses that state of deprivation and pain to bombard you with orgasmic grace!

Grace is usually felt as this transcendental state of bliss.

Imagine now that grace can as well be totally explosive, exhilarating, euphoric!

When you hit that experience, your perception of life can radically change.

Your perception of what is good or bad radically shifts.

In this case, deprivation and greed projected on you can create this massive influx of explosive energy!


Exclusion or social exclusion is a form of love, attention or energy deprivation.

It is the concentration of energy around a person or a group and the build up if walls that deny access to those who are not in the circle.

Social exclusion is a massive source of emotional  pain and suffering that can lead to all sorts of weird consequences.

Social exclusion, withdrawal of love robs a person from energy, nurturing and organically brings shadow in you.

This is unless you have various sources of love and energy.

For instance you might be part of many social circles and if one of these circles excludes you, you still get energy from the others.

In the same way, when faced with social exclusion, you might retreat in a comfortable inner or spiritual space without being affected by this exclusion.


In social dynamics you have all these shadow patterns:
  • Excluding
  • Withdrawing
  • Ignoring
  • Separating
  • Neglecting
  • Blocking
  • Depriving
  • Monopolizing
All these shadows represent something similar.

It can be summarized in energetic distribution.

Some people will be excluded, left out, get no speech time.

While others will get all the attention and monopolize the energy.

So what you really have there is an energetic battle where some people lose and others win.


Denying and withdrawing love!

Another core pattern!

And another way to express the love depriving pattern.

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