The shadow mastery tactics I give you here are weapons.

You have access to many weapons and many ways to use them.

Shadow mastery is an art!

Shadows are intelligent spontaneous attacks.

Playing with shadows is an art, not a set of static rational decisions!

Shadow mastery is about play, skills, art, spontaneity, training and improvisation.

In sports, you never play the same tricks over and over again.

It would be boring!

You change, modify, shift and perfect your moves.

Shadow tactics are not fixed recipes!

They evolve!

What works in a situation might totally fail in a similar context at another time.

The art of shadow mastery is an art of life!

It is the art of creating, responding, tuning it, activating your instinct, feeling and shifting direction when needed.

Got it?

Don't get stacked in mental frames with fixed recipes.

The mind sets I give you here are not fixed recipes.

A tactic that works for you might not work for someone else.

Be flexible, play and experiment.

Shadow mastery is an evolving art form, not a fixed science!

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