Sometimes, the smile on your face is fake!

It feels that deep inside you are hurt or angry but you show your happy face to everyone.

That's a shadow cover up.

You do that to be able to live in harmony with yourself and those around you.

Sometimes a cover up is the best tactic.

Sometimes you need to be diplomatic and put your anger aside.

Sometimes the only way to protect your house from the ocean's raging waves is to build a containment wall.

Sometimes what you give to the world is fake marketing image aimed at selling your products.

Sometimes you smile to your kids in the morning and show enthusiasm when you feel sad and tired

You can put a lid on things that disturb you.

You can build a wall and cut yourself from who are toxic to you.

Or you can jump in the shadows and play with them.

Here are shadow wall example tactics:

  • Protect
  • Dissociate
  • Separate
  • Cover up
Here are shadow embracing tactics:

  • Engage
  • Master
  • Embrace 
  • Connect
If the shadow is in someone else, cutting yourself from that person is a powerful possible tactic.

But what if you must work with or coparent with the one who expresses these shadows?

Removing yourself from shadow exposure is not always possible.

Sometimes, moving to another country, leaving your job or your partner are not possible.

What if the challenging shadows are in you?

Covering them up might simply give them strength.

Or it might expose you to explosive episodes.

For instance if you feel resentment and frustration and they build for years.

If you don't release them they might totally overpower you the day they come out.

Faking or pretending might be effective sometimes.

Another option is to face, embrace, tame play with these emotions.

It is an art to use your shadow weapons masterfully.

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