• Everyone has shadows but not everyone will express them in the same way or with the same intensity.
  • There are as many shadow expressions as there are personal expressions.
  • There is unlimited diversity in expression, intensity or shadow combinations.
  • Some shadows are very much in the open, exposed and expressed in wild ways.
  • For others shadows will be subtle and hidden.
  • For instance someone who is very quiet and looks ok might have a very high degree of self judgement and little power to impact on others.
  • You can as well distinguish between soft shadows and high core shadows.
  • In many cases a shadow is not directly anchored on the person itself but will be connected with their activities or their energy reality.
  • So even if you personally don't express a given shadow you might be feeding a reality that does.
  • For instance some shadows might belong to your family, an organization you work with, a business you have launched or the country you live in

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