This is a topic I am exploring right now and attempting to understand from an energetic perspective.

It feels like they are

Wake up calls

Shadow attacks directed on your energy body

Invasion of your auric field

Polarized energetic interference centered on the solar plexus

Interaction with shadow energies

A very specific vibration type

A sudden rush of survival energy


In a way you can see it as an energetic virus associated with places, situations, certain activities, certain people.

This means that they are energy objects or states impacting your field.

Because of physical and mind predisposition, some people will be receptive to it and some others won't.

This is similar to some people being vulnerable to viruses because of poor immune system.

In the case of physical viruses, the physical vulnerability makes you prone to getting sick.

In the case of energy attacks, a weak energy body makes you more receptive.

This makes you more prone to panic attacks.


A predisposition is not the cause! It is simply one element that makes you more receptive to energy attacks.

The real cause of the panic attack is the interaction between a human being and a certain energy reality.

That energy reality impacting a human being will be filtered or interpreted by a predisposed human being in the form of a panic attack.


Panic attacks have been designed by nature as an extreme fear response aimed at triggering intense survival drive.

It feels like the dysfunctional or debilitating quality of a panic attack is simply the result of the body and mind not being able to properly cope with the survival impulses.

Most panic impulses are not needed.

This means that the strong energetic response happen in situations where there is no real danger.


Imagine that the original energy object causing the panic attack is an energetic intention projected on human beings and animals.

This attack is a high energy impulse originally aimed at transmitting a certain order.

In a way, these attacks are shadows and they are the opposite to grace or bliss responses.

This means that energies impacting human life have certain intentions and will generate feel good, feel ok, feel bad or even feel horrible impressions.

This energetic system can be seen as a subtle reward architect directing human life and human actions.

You will naturally go towards what feels good.

A panic impulse is a dysfunctional response  because of the way the impact energy is received.

This means that what is dysfunctional is not the energy impacting but the receptive process that turns that energy into a panic response.


For me the best way to describe what happens on an energy level is to see human life in constant interactions with the energy systems that surround us.

For me these are the angelic vehicles we live in.

But if you are not comfortable with the word angel, simply use a more scientific description like "Intelligent energy reality".


What is the exact energetic, invisible or spiritual cause for these attacks?

How are these energy patterns created?

What is the role they play in human evolution?

Why did nature design them?

What is really going on?

I need answers on that one!

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