I am preparing for an interview this morning.

Here are some of the questions I received.

Thought it might be interesting to share my answers with you.

What women love about you but not many people know?

Space holder, friend, guide.

For most women in my life, I am friend, confident, space holder.

They come to me for advice or nurturing energy in a relaxed and safe space.

I create a space where the traditional sexual tension can be taken away and we enter in spaces of energetic nurturing.

What do you find attractive in a woman?

Being fun, light, safe, adventurous, drama free, trusting, positive, available, present, happy, healthy.

Basically being in positive vibes.

It's super empowering for me to be with women who trust me, who are open to be guided in sensual empowering experiences.

What is your biggest fear as a man?

The word fear doesn't really apply to my connections with women.

I would say that the word "turn off" is more appropriate in my case.

Here are some key turn offs:

Being self absorbed, emotionally unstable, manipulative, mistrusting, afraid, negative, incoherent, disconnected, closed down, lost, unhealthy, low on energy

What was your most embarrassing moment in dating or sex life?

Freezing in the presence of a girl I wanted.

Opening up and getting ignored or rejected.

Of course, get ready for the "Awkward Jar" where I present to you a statement which I find online about men or women and you'll have to provide some kind of theory on why this happens.

Look forward to that one. I like some challenge.

I'm reading your book now so will be asking questions about tantra and how we can all benefit from it and practice it in our daily lives.

Why is tantra important?

I make a distinction between tantra and tantric sex.

About tantric sex...

Because it's a path to sexual mastery.

Imagine really owning your sex life, being comfortable with any man you are attracted to, being able to ride the passion waves without losing yourself.

Practical exercises for those who want to experience it?

If you have a partner, here are some simple techniques to get started:

Eye contact, breathing together, orgasmic breath, soft touch, sensual exploration.

If you engage in solo practices:

Breathing, energy activation, expand your self pleasure.

Share with us some of the most incredible experiences you had through tantra?

Imagine the most powerful experience you had in your life, total feeling of mystical union, massive expansion of your love, mind blowing pleasure.

These experiences are often the result of repeated love making and sexual activation.

You can reach sustained orgasmic bliss after 1 to 2 weeks of practice.

You enter in orgasmic trance and stay there for days.

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