I got this good question from a client:


"I just have one question...

Why do you blame the woman that it is her fault to have this emotional response and jealousy towards the man?

Many times I feel that there is great part that needs to be done by the man as he also needs to very carefully watch his actions and behaviour while in relationship with a woman.

For instance why would a man that is in love with a woman and engaged to her look for another woman to be involved even in a friendship and makes his woman jealous???

Why isn't he also honest and caring about his woman's feeling and try to avoid unnecessary things that makes his woman jealous?

I think to be fair is to advise both the woman and the man to watch their actions and not only to advise women to change their response to the men.



Good one!

When dealing with jealousy, you have two ways to go:
  • The first one is to change your behavior, response, etc.
  • The second one is to educate your partner. 
You can coach them, inspire them or share with them.

You can use mirror tactics to get them to realize how it feels to be in your shoes.

Yes, you are right.

I could expand the jealousy program even more and give you extra tactics to coach your partner.

I could as well design a program specifically for men who make their partner jealous and teach them how to stop or modify their behavior.

If you check through the articles, audios and videos, you will see that some of the content is geared towards that target of educating your partner.

But You are right, I could expand on that and give you more tools.

I will keep that in mind for future jealousy program updates.

Thanks for sharing.

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