This is one of the core topics or male concerns when it comes to sex.

It is the idea to last longer and be able to fulfill a woman's pleasure wishes before ejaculating.

It is a vast topic and fits within the vaster context of KAMA YAMA or SEXUAL MASTERY.

Here are some core ideas to get you started with ejaculation mastery:

This is about sexual mastery not just ejaculation control.

Open new channels of sexual energy in your system and the urge to ejaculate will naturally diminish.

Train these sexual skills through self pleasure.

Have a daily 15 min self pleasure practice to train these skills.

For self pleasure or sexual mastery practice do 3 x 5 min sequences.

Before you start on a practice, choose a self pleasure technique and sustain it for 5 min.

You can for instance do 30 sec of dynamic breathing + 30 sec of breath holding with genital stimulation.

You can engage in ejaculation mastery and sexual mastery practices by yourself, with a partner or even in a group setting.

If you practice with a partner tell them exactly what your intention is so that they can join you and support you.

Communicate cleanly and clearly.

Many self pleasure techniques have nothing to do with genital touch or sexual stimulation.

A simple dynamic breathing technique might even bring you closer to your ejaculation edge than a sexual stimulation technique.

For self pleasure, practice in the evening, in the hour before going to sleep or right when you wake up.

Use a timer for your practice.

Set it up to 5 min cycles for instance and start a new practice every 5 min.

1 min break or rest in between.

If you do that for an hour you will have 10 sets of 5 min practices.

Take the last practice to rest and integrate.

Use discipline and stick to the practice.

Some discipline can have an incredible impact on your sexual power.

You can be in free flow and activate your sexual energy spontaneously after a while.

Having new practices and having structure expands your sexual and energetic potential and gives you new skills.

It takes 3 months of practice to gain and anchor solid new sexual skills.

Have a feed back minute with your partner each time you have a tantric sex session.

Do that the day after once you are both rested, integrated and calm.

When you offer feedback point out to what you like and what could be improved.

What works well is to give for instance 5 positives first even if these are obvious to you

Use various touch forms on your lingam to increase sensations

When you engage in self pleasure use oils, creams, essential oils and whatever you feel appropriate to increase sensations.

Use ice on your genitals to explore new sensations.

If ejaculation happens at 100% stimulation intensity, keep the intensity in the 80-90% range so that you don't ejaculate.

Make a commitment not to ejaculate in your daily practice

Practice for 5 days (Mon-Fri) and rest for 2 days (Sat-Sun).

If another rhythm works best for you try it, but alternate practice and rest.

Also if you have been active for 3 months, take a week break from discipline, maybe even release semen if you feel the strong urge.

Simply relax and don't practice anything special in these rest periods.

But even in these transition periods of rest, if it is easy for you it is better not to lose semen.

Every man is different.

Every body is different.

Some men will be highly negatively impacted by ejaculation, others not.

Some men experience a very deep negative energetic drop after ejaculating.

Slow down.

That's the best technique to hold your ejaculation back.

Ejaculation mastery can evolve to full body orgasms.

But full body orgasms are still explosive temporary events.

You can enter into a state that is even more permanent and lasting which is continuous orgasmic bliss.

When you stop ejaculating, your sexual energy naturally expands in new channels of energy in your body creating bliss.

This opening of energy channels or nadis happens naturally.

You can as well activate this new flow through erotic breathing, specific erotic movements, visualizations, conscious energy circulations and more.

Not ejaculating is a bit like fasting.

After 3 days of fasting, your body develops new coping responses it didn't have before.

The same kind of processes happens when you stop ejaculating.

The saved energy simply starts creating new frequency states in your body that were not activated before.

Approach ejaculation mastery as any other form of physical training that requires some continuity, discipline and regular practice.

Play and experiment with your body

To gain ejaculation mastery, you need to make it your top priority.

The first step is really overall body fitness and health.

Ejaculation mastery is a fine tuning element.

To maximize your chances of success take care of the basics as well like being in good shape, eating healthy, getting enough rest, etc.

Approach self pleasure sessions like a ritual, honoring your body and honoring the forces that sponsor this exploration

Men usually tend to ejaculate quickly because all their sexual energy is focused on their genitals.

Once new energy channels open up and sexual energy flows throughout the body, the urge to ejaculate diminishes drastically.

To wrap it up:
  • 15 min daily practice
  • Use a timer
  • Don't ejaculate
  • Explore! 
  • This is an art

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