Mantras are sacred formulas that activate specific qualities in you.

This specific mantra activates the third eye chakra in your couple.

This means that your third eyes enter in dynamic resonance when you use this mantra.

You synchronize your life visions.

You start seeing life through a common perspective.

You unite your spirits through your third eye chakras


Use it together.

It will work way better if you are both committed to unite your energies on that level.

Sit down for 5 min together and meditate on these words internally or whisper them softly together.

Why is this mantra associated with Tantric Sex?

Well, you can use it by itself of course.

The reason I offer it within the Tantric Sex area is because techniques like this once create energetic and emotional intimacy.

It is this energetic intimacy that we really look for.

Two synergized activated third eyes merging together will give your sex life a whole new perspective.

It allows you to consciously activate and circulate the flow of energy way beyond your genital areas which is incredibly powerful in expanding your sexual experience.


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