There is a natural tendency to filter what you feel and not voice what's on the inside.

If you voice without filter, what comes up?

What do you really want to say that you don't express?

To who would you say it?

Why hasn't it been expressed?

Lack of power? Lack of presence? Being wise? Fear of hurting someone? Urge to keep everyone happy?

It is valid to filter truth for diplomatic reasons.

If you walk to a stranger and tell them without filter what you think of them you might start a fight, or you might connect with the love of your life!

Share the positives?

Withdraw the negatives?

If you systematically unload your insecurities on your partner they might get tired of it and leave you. 

If you voice your anger and start screaming your frustration in a public place, you will probably get kicked out or end up restrained in psychiatric treatment.

You might lose your job, your house, your loved ones, or even start a war.

What if sharing your truth destroys someone's life?

What if expressing what you feel creates a permanent division with someone you love?

What if what you have to voice is love, beauty, admiration, gratitude?

What if you hold back expressing your gratitude to your loved ones because you are not used going that deep?

Voicing your truth can expand you!

It can connect you deeply with someone.

You might have an incredibly positive impact in someone's life by sharing a challenging truth with them.

Mastering your truth?

What does it mean for you?

The code word I use in my VITAL TANTRA system is SATYA YAMA which means TRUTH MASTERY in Sanskrit!

It is the art of being real and being able to open up what's on the inside.

This revelation of what is alive in you opens up space and often  allows you to expand your connection with those who can take and honor your truth.

Here is a game I have been playing with friends:

I walk to them and say "VITAL TRUTH?"

They can say "yes" or "no".

If they say "no", I won't share.

If they say "yes", I share.

Simple, right?

Asking for permission before sharing your truth is a good idea.

Next time you see me and have something deep to tell me, simply say "VITAL TRUTH?"

It's fun to play!

It can open a whole new dimension of authenticity in the way we connect with each other.

Love yah!

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