Look! Sorry to be blunt and direct with that one but really?!! Isn't that obvious and clear enough? Smoking is suicide! It's slow and nasty! For your information, no, it's not cool to smoke, it smells horrible, it polutes and toxifies your body, it destroys your health, it is stupid, it is self destructive and if you are still trapped in it, it's the number one thing you should shift! Do it now!

I just got a question on another channel about the ritualistic use of tobacco in a shamanic way... Here is my answer about that piece of this puzzle:

So true! I totally agree! Conscious use of any substance can be a powerful thing - Just had to simplify to get the message through as 99.99% of cigarettes are not smoked in a conscious, shamanic or sacred way - The original use of tobacco in tribal cultures is of course a sacred shamanic opening to the spirit world - It is just the global commercialization, toxins, addictive substances added that totally corrupt the original purpose - It's good to remember that of course - For now though for 99.99% of cigarettes smoken, there is no sacredness or consciousness expanding ritual left, just an addictive self destructive unconscious habit. 


Hey! Just to get this right, if you are a smoker, I do respect your right to do so. It's your life and you were born with the right of self determination - Basically, in my world, you are free to do what you want with that - My intention here is to put the message out so that those who need this extra push get this extra will power kick! Especially for teenagers or those who want to kick out the habit, this message might be for you - If it's not, I respect that, it's your choice :) Good luck

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