Very often, your friends or romantic partners might try to force their ideas, visions or values on you.

They do that under the disguise of "I just want to help..." or "You said you wanted me to be true with you..." or "As friends we are allowed to tell each other these things"

Not true!

Sometimes you can feel a hidden agenda.

They might want to direct you in ways that will serve them rather than you.

For instance if you are a woman and your best friend says "Just dump him... He's not right for you"

What she might really think is "I don't like him... If you are no longer with him, you will be more available for us to be friends again".

As you can see, this deviation is out of integrity.

It is manipulative.

It is a shadow.

And it is often the urge to control or direct another person's life to serve your own agenda.

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