Does electronic music challenge, modify, stress or alter the biofield?

The other day, I started playing fun music in the mornings.

As I prepared breakfast I noticed lots of flies, excited around me.

They were landing on my topless body, my legs.

Only a few on the kitchen counter.

Nothing exceptional here is Bali.

A few cows living not too far next door.

I felt like an overall irritation field.

Felt it in my solar plexus.

Suddenly had the insight that maybe electronic music coming from speakers destroys or alters the natural harmony field of nature.

Flies might have been responding to that and having chaotic patterns that they didn't have before.

In other terms,  their behavior was maybe more aggressive or irritated than usual.

Imagine yourself walking through the wilderness in Alaska and suddenly hearing the sound of a radio.

EMF = Electro Magnetic Fields

If we could visually see the energetic impact of these fields on natural environments, what would we perceive?

I do believe that electronic music has a frequency that alters energy fields,  alters our bodies, resonance, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

It can be a stimulating positive thing or it can be a degrading thing depending on what you need or your present state.

I did experience some mornings without music and there was a sense of calm coming over.

I played music later and experienced a positive activation of my creative flow.

In other terms, the impact was a positive one.

Still exploring this and experimenting.

To be followed...

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