Here is a quick summary of where I am at right now with VITAL TANTRA.

A few important points:
  • It is an evolving model. The VITAL TANTRA system is not fixed or crystallized
  • You can see each theme as a module that can take months to explore and master
  • I can new branches as the need emerges
  • Only a fraction of this knowledge, tactics and insights is recorded right now in the form of articles, videos, books or audios. The rest is transmitted live in sessions and ongoing tantrika training 
  • VITAL TANTRA and VITAL COACHING totally overlap. They are like two frequencies of the same content. I will cover that point more at a later stage.
  • VITAL SEX is only one of the branches
  • Some branches are way more developed than others 
  • VITAL TANTRA is evolving organically following the needs of those I train 
  • During TANTRIKA TRAINING we might focus on just one of these branches for an extended period of time
  • Many people will come to me and get just one technique or one hint and go on with their lives figuring out the rest
  • This might look a little overwhelming but it's pretty simple, really. When you come for a session or for tantrika training we focus on what matters to YOU! I have no agenda of flooding you with the totality of this system. You simply take what you want or need and forget the rest

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