If the man is a provider on a material level, is the woman a receiver, space and security holder at the heart center of the house?

I feel that these roles emerged in tribal times when the man was out hunting and the woman would stay at the camp around the fire, providing care for children and warmth for the family.

She would create this love, safety and care as a natural response to the man bringing back food and providing safety.

It's all part of our deep instinctual make up.

My guess is that this role division is at the very core of tribal behaviors and is still an active valid model for so many cultures around the world.

You see the same role division in primate tribes like monkeys or gorillas in the sense that the alpha males provide security for the whole tribe while the females nurture the babies.

There is a lot of discussion these days about these roles.

The feminists and other modern trends tried to dissolve these labels and attitudes while another trend is all about bringing back and actualizing these roles.

I am open either way.

I feel that both keeping these roles or dissolving them can work for your couple.

It simply depends on what you want and what feels right to you.

I feel that provider / receiver roles can still work really well if that's a mind set two people share and embrace.

  • If you you want your man to be a provider, what do you give back?
  • Do you see it as an exchange?
  • Do you see it as just a "gift" he is supposed to offer you?
  • Is there an underlying suggestion that because he gets great sex, he should be the provider?
  • Or that because he's a provider you are supposed to provide great sex?
  • Is sexual attraction boosted when the man takes the provider/protector role even if you are not a couple or in a relationship?
  • Does the man naturally expect something in return when he takes the provider role?
  • What exactly does he expect?
  • Can a man be a provider and expect nothing in return?
  • If a man is a provider, does that create a karmic link (you owe him something or you feel you owe him something) because of him giving you money?
  • To dissolve that energetic debt, would you simply take care of your financial debt towards him?

  • What are your views on this?
  • Do you enjoy being a provider?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • Does that boost your power and confidence?
  • Do you feel your girlfriend is more attracted to you or more turned on by you because you are a provider?
  • What exactly do you provide?
  • What's your intention? Why do you do it?
  • Do you expect sexual commitment to you because you are providing for her?
  • Would you still want to be a provider if she's having sex with other men?

This is an open discussion...

Check in and see what you discover!

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