Do you know how incredibly powerful it is for a woman to be fully received by a man who can witness her and be present when her shadows come up?

You see her wild side and you love that too!

You stay present!

You see the beauty, the essence of her shadow aspects and you don't run away!

Society tends to trap women into having to be perfect good girls! Domesticated! Alienated!

They have shadow urges they don't voice or express because society's construct doesn't give them space to do so.

Female shadows can be for instance:
  • Expressing her anger
  • Voicing her erotic fantasies
  • Wanting to be really bitchy with someone
  • Sabotaging someone else's dreams
  • Embodying erotic dominance
  • Going through extreme mood swings
  • Feeling deep hatred for someone
  • Etc
See these patterns?

What do you do when you see your girlfriend accessing some of these energies?

How comfortable are you to being exposed to any of these?

Do you freak out?

Do you leave?

Or do you go like:

"Mmmmm... That's wild! Soooo sexy!!!"

What do you think happens to a woman when you try to educate her or suppress her deep rooted emotions?

It kills part of her being!

Her wild side gets suppressed and she ends up cut from her instinctual raw nature!

When you embrace these qualities in her, you expose them and give them a safe space to be voiced.

You allow her to unleash her full being and go wild!

Why is it so essential for both women and men to access these shadows?

Because they are part of you!

Shadows are part of your being!

You have them!

Your girlfriend has them!

Embracing them expands you!

It creates complicity, intimacy in levels you could not even dream of!

I will talk about safe shadow play in future posts but for now, keep this in mind:

Wild freedom!

Are you ready to show up?

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