This is a highly sensitive topic in human history.

Hope you are ok with me diving in it a bit.

Think about how women are often pushed away when they are mooning.

See how females are not allowed in some temples or sacred spaces in many traditions.

See how women are mutilated in some cultures to deny them the power to experience orgasmic pleasure.


What is this!!!

How do we dare as a human race to be trapped in such archaic behaviors?

You know why?

Because of fear!

Fear of female power!

Fear from males losing control!

Fear! Fear! Fear!




This trauma is permeating the totality of our human race and it is time for deep shifts!

Can you see that?

Of course you do!

Most of us easily agree on that.

The trouble is that we are dealing with established deep human conditioning.

Sometimes you try to track back the source of a behavior and you can't even tell where it all started or why it exists in the first place.

Do you realize that exposing a female nipple in public is offensive in so many cultures.

If it's art in the form of an ancient painting, everyone applauds, right?

If it's a live beautiful female nipple, everyone freaks out!


Know that none of the reasons you might give me right now make sense!

They don't!

The rational justification to why these repressive behaviors exist is pure nonsense.

The only real cause is an urge to control, repress, suppress or deny women their power.

That's it!

Got it?

Next time you are tempted to impose your views or control on femalekind, think about it twice and feel the deep motivation lying underneath.

I don't know about you but I am ready for some deep shifts in the way we function as a human race!



Guys! Quick check in!

Is there any choice you make in life that robs a woman from her power and freedom?

What is that exact choice you make?

How does that impact on her?

What could you do about it?

What would be the impact of a new positive choice on your connection with her?

How would that new choice make you feel?

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