I gave you many female shadow examples.

It's essential to train yourself to see the lights too!

Of all the millions of women on this planet, if you decide to connect with the one you are with right now, it's probably because there is lots of beauty, love and bliss in what you get from her, right? 

We already checked possible shadow sets and we can make a similar list of her lights.

It is not just black or white!

Everyone has both aspects.

Here are lights examples:
  1. A smile from her makes your day.
  2. Sex is deep, intense, delicious, fiery, explosive, wild and passionate.
  3. You learn a lot when you are with her.
  4. Your connection is high energy.
  5. She loves you and cares for you.
  6. She validates you and acknowledges your power and skills.
  7. She likes the way you treat her.
  8. The spirit connects you really well.
  9. You have common goals and similar life intentions.
  10. Your destinies match in many ways.
  11. Your sexual desires and sexual energies are a perfect match.
  12. She is fun to be around.
  13. She is connected with sources of energy that open you up.
  14. You respect and love her.
  15. You engage in intense energetic battles and go through fire together.
  16. Her innocence and desire to learn touches you.
  17. She wants you in her life.
  18. She opens you up in many ways.
  19. She is a shadow trainer to you.
  20. She reveals human dynamics that you didn't see before.
  21. She is a mirror.
  22. She is powerful.
  23. She manifests things.
  24. She is high energy.
  25. You have huge potential together.
  26. She is forgiving and knows how to let go.
  27. She can communicate in deep and sincere ways.
  28. She often shares her vulnerabilities.
  29. She is aware of her shadows.
  30. She wants to expand, explore and evolve.
  31. She has high ambitions.
  32. She is grounded and realistic.
  33. She is professionally and financially successful.
  34. She is in integrity with financial agreements and understands the art of giving and receiving
  35. She is connected with a strong, supportive, powerful network.
  36. She cares for people, the planet and humankind.
  37. Her body is high energy.
  38. She knows how to take care of her body and nurtures herself.
  39. She eats well and healthy.
  40. She has a personal spiritual practice.
  41. She is very free, open and adventurous.
  42. She asks for what she wants and often gets it.
  43. She has high impact on those who know her.
  44. She knows how to be leader and inspire others.
  45. She respects sacredness and is deeply connected spiritually.
See what happens?

The list of shadows and list of lights match!

She is made of lights and shadows and you want to see them both.

Depending on what you focus on, you can look at the shadows or you can look at the lights.

In couples with lots of shadows and lots of lights, there is often lots of juice and energy!

There is substance and friction to work with.

What are the top 5 things you love about the woman you are with? 

What's her favorite way if expressing her love to you? 

How does that make you feel? 

How does that impact your connection? 

What are 5 ways you express your love to her?


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