Some shadows can become lights and some lights can become shadows.

For instance if I say that she is explosive, that can be both light and shadow.

The emotional intensity can be something you crave for or something you resent.

A light like "She is safe and secure" can be boring in a long term relationship.

If she doesn't take risks and is non adventurous, you might get stacked.

So, safety might be a shadow.

All the shadows I mention in the first list can be seen as challenges and lights!

This means that you can perceive them as good things because they force you to improve and evolve!

So, light or shadow is a perspective you can choose.

Eventually they become just non dual qualities.

Right now, I feel that the distinction light/shadow is useful because that's the way they are often reflected in you or in society.

Spying will be a shadow for 95% of people.

A small fraction of people might be able to enjoy that specific challenge and not resent it.

In the examples I give you in this article, you see that light and shadows are really like the yin and yang Taoist symbol.

There is an access to light in every shadow and an access to shadow in every light.

Sometimes, the shadows are not that obvious and not that explosive.

They might appear in the form of boredom, predictability or energy gap.

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