Her triggers are indications to you!

Sometimes her triggers are unjustified and sometimes they are justified.

A justified trigger is a reaction that most people would have.

For instance if you are ignoring her while you are on a date, her response is a justified trigger.

This means that most women would get offended if you take them out and get distracted on your cell phone.


She might overreact but your original behavior could be shifted as well.

Unjustified trigger?

She sends you a message and you don't reply for 30 min because you are in the middle of something.

Overreacting because she didn't get a reply from you within 30 min?

That's unjustified, right?

Why? Because it is common to have a delay between messages.

If you don't reply for 3 days and she gets triggered? 

That's justified.

Back to how you respond to her triggers.

Through her triggers and emotional responses she is giving you indications about what makes her uncomfortable.

Sometimes her trigger will be taking emotional distance from you because she doesn't feel emotionally supported.

Or she might go silent for a while.

Or she might get upset and start crying.

All these emotional reactions are indications and reactions to what you do or don't do.

Imagine that her psyche is like a musical instrument.

Your words and actions influence her field.

If you notice something that triggers her, listen to that trigger and consider shifting the action that created this challenging response in her.

In other terms be open to evolve and modify your behaviors.

Being rigid and stacked in your own ways is boring for you and for her.

Listen! Stay open! Be open to change!

Check in your own life!

What are the behaviors, mindsets, attitudes that trigger your lover or partner?

Which triggers are justified?

Which triggers are unjustified?

Are you open to make some changes to your behaviors?

What are these exact changes?

What would be the impact of these behavior changes on her?

Would she still get triggered if you make these changes?

What would be the impact of these changes on your relationship?

Are you willing to make these changes straight away?

What could stop you from making these changes?

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