As I write these articles, I realise that the deep intention is to love women more!

Mastering her shadows means mastering the way you respond to her shadows

The tools and mindsets I give you here are all about being able to be in women's shadow presence and stay clear and strong!

The basic target is to embrace all aspects of her being!


When you see the woman you love expressing emotions you feel uncomfortable with,  the traditional response is: "Please change or I will leave you".

What you are really saying is:

"I am not equipped to handle that part of of your being. The oly way for me yo stay clear and safe is to remove myself from your presence and influence"

For men, there are aspects of female nature that remain very mysterious.

Imagine that you develop the energetic tools,  the mind sets,  the frequency, the attitudes and emotions to be able to stay strong and stable in her presence no matter what she goes through.

This is Love!

It comes from a deep inner desire to stay connected in the middle of intense emotional storms.

When you master her shadows, you master how to use these intense energy interactions to evolve while staying connected.

Personally I love the idea!

And I love the practice too!

What you are saying is:
  • You are human! 
  • You don't need to be a certain way for me to love you! 
  • I embrace the vast diversity of who you are! 
  • You don't need to be perfect! 
  • You are allowed to make mistakes! 
  • You are allowed to wonder, doubt, fear! 
  • You are allowed to go through intense emotions! 
  • I am here to free you, not to limit you!
  • And more!

Beautiful, right?

Let's make it happen!

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