Here are a few possible ways to phrase things to handle arguments and attacks:
  • I never gave you the permission to tell me what to do      
  • You don't have to fix me      
  • You don't have to rescue me It's my life, I do what I want     
  • I don't need your pity      
  • Stop!      
  • Are we playing the blame game again? Can we grow up now?      
  • You are free to have doubts! I don't!      
  • You are free to disagree if you want to!      
  • I am adult! I am free to think what I want!      
  • You are not my judge      
  • I don't give you the right to judge me      
  • Are you trying to educate me, judge me, correct me, lecture me, fix me right now?      
  • Stop! I am no longer playing! Find yourself another victim!      
  • I can see you are upset. What is really happening in you right now?
  • I am not here to babysit you      
  • Stop! I don't have time for this     
  •  Stop! Now is not a good time     
  • What weapon are you using now? Is it aggression? why?      
  • I have something to tell you! This conversation is not very interesting to me     
  • This conversation is quite boring to me - What can we do to make it interesting?      
  • Why are you really saying this? What's your real deep intention?
  • Disarm an opponent by simply repeating the same line a few times to anything they say.

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