The fact that you are not voicing your judgements doesn't mean judging thoughs are not in your system.

The energy you project is much more than words.

Your thought forms are energy objects that impact her field.

Your body language sometimes speaks louder than words.

When you are in her presence she will pick up on all of these signals, not just your words.

She will feel tension or relaxation in you.

She will perceive your feelings, deep embedded emotions around what you say.

She will feel if your words are coherent with your deep feelings.

Sometimes you might say that you love her and she might not feel it.

Sometimes you might say that you forgive her while you are still angry.

That's ok!

You don't have to be perfect!

Your mind sets are a complex multidimensional mix of energies.

As you practice your love postures, you slowly evolve and transform your energy.

The reason I bring this to your attention is not to make you feel guilty.

It is to bring awareness to the energy dynamics between human beings.

There is way more going on than words.

Keep that in mind.


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