Being in tune with each other is like music!

It's a frequency you are in together.

It feels like energetic alignment.

If you are familiar with tuning in your frequency, you can consciously decide on which energy channel you want to be on together.

What happens is beyond words.

It is based on energy exchange.

Your words and actions become a natural reflection of this inner alignment.

You can use expressions like limbic or energetic resonance to describe this energetic connection.

Resonance or dissonance always exists between human beings or other living forms.

You can be in deep resonance with the planet, humankind, the ocean, an animal or a tradition.

You start seeing your life in terms of frequencies and energetic alignment rather than physical forms.

You quickly realize that your actions, your words and events in your life are the result of a certain frequency impacting your physical reality.

You change your frequency and events start shifting to align themselves with this invisible musical architecture.

This is where we evolve to as human beings.

We are becoming conscious energy creators.

We start seeing reality from the energetic perspective.

Our lives become more like musical waves than fixed material realities.

We are energy beings and it is as subtle activated life forms that we relate to each other.

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