In simple
  • Coaching by skype, phone, viber, whatsApp, facebook messenger, email or in person
  • Scheduled or non scheduled sessions
  • Answers between sessions by email or texting
Do we meet or do we chat by phone? 

  • Unless we are in the same location, we'll have our sessions by Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Email or other messenger options 
    You have no problems - Should you still hire me? 
    • Yes of course, you can use a coach to optimize your life and reach life mastery. 
    • Coaching is a lot about performance and success.
    • Problem solving is only a fraction of what we can do. 
    • Gaining more power in various forms to achieve anything you want is actually the core target.
    You know what you want but can't take action? 
    • Yes! Let's have a coaching conversation of course.
    • We identify what holds you back.
    • We design fresh strategies to break through any road blocks.
    • We build up power and motivation to take action.
    Coaching or therapy? 
    • Coaching and therapy are two different professional approaches that often overlap. 
    • Coaching has its roots in sport and business. The core quality you get from it is power. 
    • Therapy has its roots in the medical field. The core quality you get from it is healing.
    • Coaching usual targets are performance, optimization, success and life mastery. 
    • If needed I can easily soften my coaching and lean towards a more nurturing therapeutic style.
    • I always check with you and am responsive to your unique needs.
      How do you know that coaching works for you? 
      • Try with a small step.
      • You can as well contact me. I'll be happy to check this with you.
      • When I ask my clients for feedback, I always get a 80-100% satisfaction rate.
      • I used to offer a money back guarantee for my coaching and never had a single refund request. 
      You have too much on your mind? 
      • I am here to simplify your life, not ad burden or worries. 
      • Coaching is a safe space.
        Talk soon!