How to empower your spiritual growth

When you connect with your spiritual development line, you open new doors.

Obviously you might face some resistance or challenges along the way.

The key to succeeding with meditation is to connect with new empowering sources which can help you.

You need extra power and effective strategies to take your experience to the next level.

Babaji is such a source of power. When you connect with his energy field, you connect with a source of life force, power and inspiration.

You start exchanging energies with his mind and this connection shifts everything for you.

You feel clarity growing in you. Your level of happiness and awareness expands. You feel energized and inspired.

These are only superficial visible effects on the surface of your mind.

Deep inside, something magical is happening. It is the renewal of your mind and being.

This is very powerful: by connecting with his energy field, a natural transformative process happens:

You naturally refresh your mind sets and by mimetism reflect Babaji's consciousness in your being.

The result is a deep transformation process which radically shifts the way you stand in life.

You feel more power, an enlivened connection with the planet, nature and humankind.

You connect as well with your long term destiny line.

Your mind is a very subtle architecture of energy lines.

Thoughts and emotions are life channels in your mind.

The moment you connect with a renewal force, your refresh your mind set and bring in a new vibration.

This is why connecting with Babaji’s energy field is so transformative and refreshing for your mind.

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