What is the challenge?

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The challenge is very simple:

There are millions of wave lengths to choose from.

There are millions of directions in which you can tune.

When you try to get a clear picture on your screen or a perfect sound, you face interference.

You are bombarded by millions of impressions daily.

Your mind picks up emotions, feelings and thoughts endlessly.

Most of these perceptions, you are not aware of.

In fact, more than 99% of what impacts on your mind does not reach the "surface of your awareness".

Most of what you feel, say, think or express in life happens by itself without you ever realizing how it appeared in your mind.

These are the underlying dynamics of your mind:
a complex ecosystem of thoughts, emotions and feelings which are the result of an ongoing interaction with your environment.

This is the challenge: Clearing the "background noise".

When you try to meditate, you are first confronted with a sea of thoughts.

When you focus one pointedly, you see your mind wandering right and left in all directions following the stream of your thoughts and impressions.

No need to panic!

Everything is alright. It just takes a bit of time and practice to direct your “mind dish”.

Some of your perceptions are vague and without real deep effect on your mind set.

Other aspects of your perceptions are anchored much deeper in your mind.

These are your core values and beliefs.

Your mind has been shaped over years of activity and education.

Your mind is not in a virgin state.

There is conditioning and this conditioning is a vast architecture of thoughts emotions and beliefs.

This conditioning is a vehicle. It is your present mind set. You use it every day. It is part of your personality.

Now, when you start meditating, you break through layers of conditioning.

You invoke a renewal force and this renewal force transforms your mind.

This transformation process takes energy and focus.

There are forces at work which perform this renewal of your mind naturally.

You simply create a new inner architecture where your energy channels are cleared and what you no longer need is simply removed.

It is like standing under a shower and feeling a stream of purifying energy clearing your inner being.

Tuning into Babaji’s mind is definitely like exploring a new land.

Every step you take is a new one and you go beyond the limits of what you explored before.

This is why you might tend to look back and worry about what you leave behind.

You might as well wonder where this path is taking you.

Every time you establish a new relationship, you build up trust.

Trust is a powerful component of your meditation.

You align your being with a certain energy reality and you must realize that life is not simply playing a trick on you.

What you discover is real!

This path of development is based on a love relationship that Babaji establishes with you.

This is the very core of your meditative exploration.

The essence of what you do is an attraction between two minds:

Your mind and the mind of Babaji.

When you meditate, you simply remove what stands between your two minds.

You clear the way for the connection to be purified and empowered.

In fact, you want a link which is a powerful channel of energy and power between your two minds.

This is what this technique does for you.

When you embrace a being, you open up your arms and invite a presence in your existence.

This opening of your arms is an invitation.

It is a sign of love, openness and trust.

Remember: Trust!

This is in the core of your meditation.

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