How to make sure that your boyfriend does not leave you over a jealousy issue

Guys do break up with girls over jealousy issues.

If you don't want this to happen to you, you need to take action and get rid of whatever limits her in your relationship.

You might think: "Well, if I give him total freedom, isn't he going to cheat on me?"

What do you think?

I think it actually works the other way round!

The more you limit him, the more he'll want to run away with another girl!

Your new attitude is called trust!

You replace jealousy, possessiveness and control by a refreshing quality of trust!

Of course, you'll have a conversation in the early stages of your relationship where you define exactly what commitment means to both of you.

You could say: "I could not stand you cheating on me. I know that if it happens, we are done! I have no problem with you having female friends as long as I know you are not intimate with them. I need to be number one in your life..."

This is called setting up boundaries. You tell him what you feel is okay or not.

You talk about this a couple of times before you fully commit to each other.

He might give you a similar set of boundaries.

Once this is done. You have to set each other free!

What does this mean exactly?

You simply don't limit each other.

No control!

No demands!

Respect + Trust!

There is only one key reason why guys break up with girls: they feel limited in the relationship they are in.

When he breaks up, he says things like: "I need space!"

What he is in fact saying is: "I can't breathe! I feel limited! I am not myself anymore!"

Got it?

If you don't want this to happen to your boyfriend or husband, you want to position yourself in a way which is freeing him, not limiting him.

Are you afraid of giving him freedom? I bet you are!!!

Trusting someone is always a risk you take!

Now, trusting turns into the most exhilarating experience when you express it!

The complicity and connection which can be born from expressing that trust is absolutely thrilling.

There is much more to say on this topic of course!

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To your power!


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