Inspiration streams - ARTICLE

An inspiration stream can take many forms.

It can be manifested in the form of an existing teaching or it can be an internal source of intuition.

Many spiritual “systems” are organized in the form of inner schools.

You sometimes feel this invisible attunement with one or another system.

You can for instance feel attracted to go to a dojo in Japan to practice Aikido.

You feel this internal desire because something in you is triggered by the radiance of this tradition.

In the same way, you can feel attracted by the energy Vortexes of Sedona in Arizona because your being is touched by the magic of the place.

A tradition or spiritual system is an energy body.

It is intelligent.

This means that when you connect with the “Yogic Spirit” for instance, you connect with an energy reality which is vast and complex, much vaster than the human mind.

You could call this an “angelic being” but this denomination goes far beyond the romanticized image of a personified angel with wings.

These are energy realities.

Every city for instance has a “spirit” or invisible identify.

It is the energy space people live in.

Take an ancient civilization like Egypt for instance.

You can see that it went through a birth process, a growth and a natural death.

Today’s pyramids are the remnants of a vibrant spiritual reality which found its pick thousands of years ago.

You can see the birth, life and death of such civilization as the life of an intelligent vast energy reality.

The type of intelligences we talk about here are much vaster and function differently than the human mind.

When you tune into an inspiration stream and “respond” to a stimulation coming from that stream (for instance yoga) you literally enter an “inner school” or “inner temple”.

It is like an invisible university or academy where knowledge, traditions and techniques are sustained by all those who are part of it.

Sometimes you connect with a system which is visible with for instance an existing master. You can travel to Dharamsala and meet the Dalai Lama in person.

It is important to realize that everything in life functions with the same principles. For instance when you feel attracted by the business world and decide to buy some HP stocks, you can do all that without having ever visited a business school.

Your curiosity and desire will be triggered by an invisible source of inspiration. It can be an uncle who told you about the stock market a long time ago or simply a program you saw one time on TV.

You feel naturally attuned with that stream and you respond to it.

Everything is “spiritual”.

Business topics are as spiritual as anything else.

In the worldly sense, the term spiritual refers of course to something more precise geared towards your spiritual development or evolution but it would definitely be a mistake to create limiting compartments.

The relationship you have with money for instance can have a “mystical dimension” to it.

You can understand the dynamics and invisible energies shaping the way you do business and see the absolute dimension behind this.

When you see life from this perspective, everything can feel like a spiritual experience.

The flow of life into manifestation is a miracle in itself.

It is a magical in itself.

“Strictly” spiritual pathways have a unique goal: the expansion of awareness and self realization.

The goal is to create and sustain your spiritual based reality.

When you feel inspired to take action or research a topic, look deeper and identify the vaster reality inspiring your research.

You will often start feeling a given inner system or inner school “sponsoring” your actions and your unique quest.

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