What is your spiritual anatomy? - ARTICLE

At this stage, what you can call your spiritual anatomy is everything which has not yet been proven or explained about your body, mind and spirit.

You can use the term spiritual for lack of better word.

Within 100 years, what is discussed in these pages, like chakras, etheric body, spirit, life force, bio energy, etc. will probably have been fully explored and explained in scientific terms.

At this stage, there is still a “veil” which prevents humankind from seeing the full picture.

Some centuries ago, when doctors first started exploring the human body, they unveiled the functioning of a very complex mechanism.

Nowadays, if you want to study anatomy, it takes you a full six years of medical studies to actually grasp only a fraction of what has been explored so far.

At this stage, your invisible anatomy still needs to be explored and understood.

You only get bits and pieces coming from various sources like ancient spiritual traditions, alternative medicine fields, paranormal studies and real scientific research.

Data and information is scattered and often contradictory but I am convinced that all this will totally make sense for anyone within a few decades.

In the mean time your main tools to explore your spiritual anatomy are your instinct, intuition and common sense.

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