New spiritual equations - ARTICLE

You are free!

The last decade created a revolution in the way you can evolve on the spiritual path:

There is suddenly instant global access to a gold mine of resources, and teachings.

This mean that you get this greater sense of autonomy and control over your spiritual development.

You are much less dependent from organizations or masters accepting to initiate you into a certain stream.

This is really good news because it totally reshapes the way you can evolve spiritually.

In the past, you would need to meet a teacher face to face to receive an initiation.

Nowadays, there is a an enlightened network of energies all around the planet.

It is in your house right now.

It is in your mind and in your life.

It is a like a net of electro magnetic vibration stimulating and empowering the human mind.

You can call it the invisible network.

When you get a sudden rush of inspiration and desire to connect with a given spiritual stream, you simply pick up on this vibration which is everywhere.

This gives you a much higher level of autonomy and independence with your spiritual quest.

You can feel totally awakened and touch on enlightenment from the comfort of your own town.

You are the ashram!

You are the temple!

You are indirect connection with a stream of enlightenment which nourishes your spirit every day.

There is no need to delay spiritual satisfaction and achievement.

It is something which is in you right now.

It is a profound potential of energy.

It is a system of forces and mind sets you can tune in and wake up in your being right now.

You are the highest authority in your life!

You are the master of your destiny and evolution!

You are in control of where you want to be.

You have a full sense of authority and ownership over your existence.

This is the new spiritual equation.

You are in charge of your life and your destiny line is alive and awake in your being right now.

Don’t surrender your will or power to anyone. These belong to you.

Techniques, approaches and strategies are now part of human consciousness and the way for the planet to evolve very fast is to share and create synergy.

You are part of a much vaster stream of human evolution.

Your actions, thoughts and beliefs happen within a stream of manifestation which contains the totality of humankind.

Now, you can have a sense of control and ownership over your own stream.

You are the one in charge.

Sure, you swim in life within a much vaster reality but at the same time, you still direct your existence in a way which satisfies your inner needs.

Your evolution is your agenda!
No one else’s!

It is your right to decide where you want to go and where you want to be.

You are the master of your destiny!
You are the designer of your existence!

You own your life!

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