Spiritual transmission - ARTICLE

You can receive an initiation:

· From a book

· In a dream

· From a passing “wave of inspiration”

· From someone you meet

· From a friend

· From a group, organization, spiritual teacher or guru

· When visiting a sacred spot on the planet

· Through an initiatory travel

And so much more!

There is no limit to it!

An initiation is a key which opens a new window of your consciousness.

Your life can be transformed forever by an insignificant experience.

You might share this 2 seconds eye contact with someone you will never meet again and have this full mystical experience.

Your consciousness is limitless.

Rules are invented by human systems which want to stabilize a given message or energy line.

Someone will say: you need to be a vegetarian to walk the spiritual path.

That’s a limiting thought, right? Not a freeing one.

You decide!

There is no limit!

Identify your core beliefs and manifest a life which reflects them.

If a mind set fits you, embrace it! If it does not fit you, reject it and find one which does match what you feel.

You can design your own path in whatever way you want.

You can reinvent your own spiritual development by fully trusting your instincts.

You have common sense!

You are smart, clever and have many years of life experience.

You can tap into an infinite source of knowledge and inner resources any time you want.

Is anything limiting you?

Yes! All your past experiences are mind frames.

These past experiences both protect your mind and limit it when you want to grow beyond them.

These mind sets are what you accept as your present territory or limits.

They are not the real limits of your consciousness: they are simply the territory of what you already explored.

Any object, thought, emotion you own polarizes your mind.

It is like a signal you send out.

How is this signal created?

It is created by the interaction between your life force and the filter of your personality.

Life force impacts on your mind and is reflected in the form of actions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, creations, etc.

A thought is an elemental projection.

Every time you think, you create a “mind blue print”.

In that way, your mind creates millions of blue prints every day.

Every “mind object” (thought, emotion, feeling) is the result of the interaction between your mind and the manifesting life force flowing though your being.

You can break through any limit by shifting key aspects of your mind.

Once key aspects of your mind are shifted, what you reflect or radiate is as well changed.

Right now, you are teaching something to your environment.

You radiate a message 24 hours a day.

If this message is tuned into the long term evolution of the planet, you receive an extra “energy sponsorship”.

If you work against human evolution, many forces in society try to stop you and limit you.

This happens both internally and externally.

If you get side tracked in self destructive or limiting behaviors, you get warning “impressions” telling you that something is wrong.

Your destiny line is intelligent.

It is not a fixed and systemic plan.

It represent the sum of all your potentials.

It is a projection of your spirit which is an intelligent organic aspect of your being.

The best way to unleash your full potential is to understand the role you play in human evolution.

These streams of human evolution are the forces which empower you.

If you want to take a quantum leap in your spiritual development, you can start right now.

Take a white page and write down what comes to your mind.

You will instantly tune into a flow of inspiration.

This is not automatic writing.

For instance, if you don’t know what to do next, write down the possibilities which come to your mind.

You will notice that there is a some form of guiding force in you.

Your instincts know the answer to most of your questions.

Instinctually, you know what to do next.

You simply need to dare to take control of your own evolution.

It is your hands!

You own your destiny!

You are the person who has the greatest influence over what happens in your life.

This means that if something bothers you or feel unfilled, do something about it.

If you don’t know the answer or what the solution is, start actively looking for it.

Sitting back and waiting won’t take you where you have the potential to be.

Take action instead!

Try! Experiment! Learn from your actions!
I don’t know where you will be in 5 years from now, but I can definitely tell when you are holding your life back.

Spiritual receptiveness is the art of listening to what you can achieve.

It is the art of being and staying awake any time anywhere.

It is awareness!
Your inner senses are awake.

You know who you are!

Self realization is the sudden awareness of the miracle of life.

You are alive!
Your whole being is permeated by life force, right now!

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